Jens Johanson

Jens is a "Building Doctor." Jens started his career in the construction field and quickly noticed contractors who cut corners, causing brand new buildings to fail due to construction defect. Since then, he has recruited a team in three states who share in the concern over low bidding contractors with poor quality workmanship. J2 exists to protect the safety of our clients and support you in your journey to a healthy building.

Stories by Jens

For Condo Boards & Managers

Are Condo Board Members Liable for Damages?

Good boards are critical to the successful operation of communities and if we make board members unduly liable for everything, no one would...

Building Envelope

Reserve Study or Inspection (Why You Need Both)

Helping you determine when you need a Reserve Study vs. a Building Envelope Inspection, define what kind of specialist to contact, and what questions...

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