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Taking Your Building Back To School

As the summer sun starts to wane, and the rustling of fall leaves fills the air, it's time for you – and your building ...

As the summer sun starts to wane, and the rustling of fall leaves fills the air, it's time for you – and your building – to get ready for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. Just like students eagerly prepare for their return to school, it's essential for you to ensure your building is in tip-top shape and ready for the challenges (and fun) that lies ahead. Luckily, your Building Doctors are here to guide you through this "back-to-school" process with our expert advice and assistance.

Fire Drills: Inspecting For Leaks ⏰💦

Just like any fire drill, it’s always better to expect the unexpected. It's essential to inspect your building for potential leaks before fall and winter arrive. During the hot summer, the sun can dry out sealants and membranes, just like a bad sunburn. The fall wind and rain will work water right into those cracks, so be proactive in checking for any signs of leakage. Make sure to clean out those bird nests from chimney flues to avoid fire hazards when your furnaces start up in the fall again.

To further ensure the well-being of your HVAC system, consider scheduling a service. Your HVAC system will be working hard for the next six months, so a check-up now can save you from bigger issues later when you’ll be needing it the most.

Class Schedule: Budget Revisions and Board Approval 📅💰

Just like students need a class schedule, your condo association needs to get back on schedule and remember what they were working on before the summer break and vacation season. It's time to revisit that budget as well, as there is only 4 months till the end of the year. Think of this time as your class schedule for budget revisions and board approvals. Begin by preparing for budget revisions, taking into account maintenance, schedules, calendars, preparing for winter, and thinking about next year. Assess what's needed for the upcoming year and allocate funds accordingly.

Once your budget is in order, seek board approval. It's essential to present your proposed budget to the board, outlining the necessary repairs and maintenance projects. A smooth approval process ensures your building is well-prepared for the colder months ahead.

Pop Quiz: Landscaping For Winter 🌳✂️

It's time for a quick pop quiz.

Question: What's the best thing to do as the rain returns and winter approaches?

Answer: Prepare your building's landscaping and site for rain and snow.

Take a stroll around your community, observe the building conditions, and check for any signs of drainage issues. Keep those trees and shrubs trimmed back at least 12 inches from the siding and 10 feet from the roof to avoid potential damage during storms. Unclog the gutters, downspouts and site drains. The winter snow may cause long branches to snap and fall down, which may cause further damage. Review your snow removal and de-icing plan, find the phone numbers and where you stored the snow shovel and de-icer from last year.

And don't forget about periodic cleanups to keep your property free from debris.

Class Parties: Building Community Morale 🥳🌭

Labor Day Weekend is coming up, so let's send off the summer season with a blast. Building community morale is essential for any thriving condo association. Host fun events like an ice cream social, hot dog bbq, pool party, garage sale, or even a taco truck fiesta. Bringing everyone together in a light-hearted atmosphere will strengthen bonds.

Similarly, consider organizing a fun lunch gathering for your community to discuss maintenance plans and upcoming projects, fall decorations for Halloween or the Holidays, and just in general to get ready for fall. Use this opportunity to brainstorm ideas and gather input from residents. It's a great way to foster a sense of unity and collective responsibility for the well-being of your building.

We want you to get straight A’s this school year, so if you need any extra help, please reach out to the teacher during office hours – here is the Building Doctor’s link for a 15 minute call to answer some quick questions, free of charge.


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