Building Envelope


Value Engineering - Building Envelope Design

A common misconception around the construction industry is that you can simply “Value Engineer” something. But what does that term really mean?


Is Your PT Lumber Waterproof?

Sometimes mistakenly called pressure-treated lumber, PT lumber is an abbreviation for “preservative-treated” - Wood preservatives help protect lumber...

Building Envelope

The “Dark Side” of White Roofs

At some point, someone decided to fight global warming by making roofs white. Since then, there has been conflicting data as to whether white roofs...


Attic Ventilation 101

How should an attic be vented to promote airflow and prevent damage?

Building Envelope

Reserve Study or Inspection (Why You Need Both)

Helping you determine when you need a Reserve Study vs. a Building Envelope Inspection, define what kind of specialist to contact, and what questions...

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